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This pageant isn’t just about showcasing your curvilicious beauty, it’s about showing the world that you are capable of so much MORE

SIZE MATTERS. And we’re just not talking about the XL/XXL on the label of your clothes. Some makeup and the right cutting and there’s no doubt you could turn heads on any street in any part of the world.

It matters because the privilege that you have as a Beautiful Plus Size is that there’s more to behold about you. You have more to give, and you have more to share.

As you portray kindness and compassion in the simple everyday things that you do, people watch a little longer. They understand a little more. They remember a little better. And the message sticks better.

Miss World Plus Malaysia is that amplifier to broadcast your elegance, beauty and story to the world. We will bring out the best of your larger-than-life qualities in Instagram-worthy settings with other kind and beautiful plus-size ladies.


MISS & MRS MALAYSIA PLUS WORLD PAGEANT offers a diverse and inclusive platform for contestants, catering to a wide range of age divisions and demographics. The pageant features two divisions, namely MISS PLUS WORLD MALAYSIA and MS PLUS INTERCONTINENTAL MALAYSIA, ensuring that there is a place for everyone in our competition.

At MISS & MRS MALAYSIA PLUS WORLD PAGEANT, we embrace diversity and believe that every woman deserves the opportunity to showcase her beauty, talent, and confidence, regardless of age, marital status, or ethnicity. Join us in celebrating the unique qualities and accomplishments of women from all walks of life.

Miss Plus World Malaysia

  • age from 18 to 34
  • weight of at least 60kgs above

Mrs Plus Intercontinental World Malaysia

  • age from 35 and above
  • weight of at least 60kgs above
We encourage:

– Aspiring single or married woman or a confident single mother
– A Malaysian citizen or a permanent resident of Malaysia
– Open to all ethnicity


Dr. Lianne Hendriks

Miss Plus World Malaysia 2020/21 1st Runner Up

From the very start, right when I walked through the door for the auditions, I was wrapped in warmth and friendliness from everyone: the contestants, the organisers, and even judges. With everyone there was no hiding anything, I could be myself as I were, and I did not have to be shy about the flaws I had. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by the immense support, even till the very end. Lasting friendships and lifelong relationships were established that day, a sisterhood that I would forever cherish and serve to the best of my capabilities.
When I was announced as first runner-up, I was in disbelief! Years of having my insecurities about my body exposed, criticised and laid bare were suddenly my biggest strengths. My deepest and most unattainable dreams have finally become a reality, after years of being told that I was not enough.
Following the gala night, I was approached by so many of my friends and acquaintances, who revealed to me that my achievements have inspired them to be more confident and body positive, and they admired my courage, which is ironic as my courage was gathered from their support!

Registration Fee: RM288

– Application processing
– Audition

Product worth RM 799 to take away inclusive of:

  • SPA Massage session at 5-Star Hotel
  • Professional Hair-do at The Top Hair Salon in Malaysia
  • Professional Photoshoot
  • MPWM Merchandise
  • and more

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